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ZynQ Software

Our secure cloud-based software provides you with a sustainable solution that reduces the need to travel, supports remote working, and makes your data truly accessible.

Our primary objective is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations in delivering our World-Leading Visualisation Platform. Key to this is the comprehensive understanding of our clients’ requirements and fulfilling them safely, effectively and on time.

A Trusted, Proven and Reliable Platform that Delivers Intuitive Business Continuity


We have combined and integrated the latest technologies to deliver the most comprehensive and productive Visualisation Platform available.

ZynQ is the cloud-based hub for all your new and existing visualisation data, enabling you to remotely manage, access and share visual data like never before.

The simplicity of the user interface makes ZynQ an intuitive and user-friendly application, allowing you to quickly search, display, and manage all your visualisation data and seamlessly integrate with other solutions.

By creating a single collaboration platform that makes your operations more efficient and flexible, you will provide your teams and partners with a series of tools and features to improve processes, increase productivity, and enable effective remote working.

Features and Benefits


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ZynQ is a secure cloud platform where you can manage, share and control all your visualisation data. We offer flexible software licensing options that solve your hosting, processing and sharing requirements from large-scale industrial assets and projects to small scale projects and datasets.

Licences 10 10 10 Unlimited
Storage 100 GB 500 GB 2 TB Unlimited
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Features Secure Cloud Hosting
Essential Tools
VR Support
Software Updates
As BRONZE plus...
Geospatial Tools
Advanced Point Cloud tools
Advanced Drawing Tools
Advanced Import/Export Tools
Future Features, Tools and Apps
As SILVER plus...
Project Building
Dedicated Cloud Hosting
Fully Customisable

Optional Features

Additional Users Tiered pricing bands
Additional Storage Scalable Cloud and SSD options
Upload Licence Price per instance Included Included Price per Instance
Builder Licences Price per User Price per User 1 Licence Included Price per User
White-labelled Price on Application

ZynQ is a sustainable solution that removes the need to purchase, support and maintain IT hardware and infrastructure associated with on-premises deployments.

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