The Digital Future
of Security.

The Digital Future of Security

ZynQ 360 and the visualisation of assets will underpin a comprehensive risk management strategy. Enhancing your ability to protect personnel, operational integrity and the bottom line whilst greatly improving sustainability.

ZynQ 360 is the world leader in Visual Asset Management and is at the forefront of digital transformation delivery. Our digital mapping technology better enables the identification and effective mitigation of risk thereby increasing your duty of care compliance whilst reducing liability and reputational risk.

Our unique, visualisation technology creates an up to date, 360°, virtual plan of any facility - increasing awareness and allowing risks and vulnerabilities to be more easily identified and reduced. The software creates a platform for effective planning, training and collaboration between all stakeholders.

ZynQ 360 makes visual security management fast, accurate, mobile and affordable, giving you the strategic advantage and increasing your ability to prevent, protect, and recover control.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers multi-level access affording a strategic overview of the entire operation
  • Provides most effective control and accountability of the operational environment
  • Ensures legislation, documents and plans remain current and easily accessible, thereby simplifying compliance
  • In the event of a crisis, ZynQ 360 enables the minimising of response times and the effective regaining of control thereby reducing negative impacts
  • Delivers effective cost management across operations
  • Effective planning including crisis management
  • Integration of existing and new technologies
  • Increased co-ordination, collaboration and productivity
  • Increased spatial awareness and a realistic appreciation of the work environment
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • 360° HDR spherical imagery and 360° 4K spherical video

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