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Our Team

At ZynQ 360, our team is the foundation of our long-term viability and success. Our team is your team. When your mission is to be better, safer, and cost-effective, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create solutions that align with business goals, and who can help you analyse your digital strategies to optimise every tactic along the way.

Technology Team

ZynQ 360’s innovation team works to increase the impact of our software development roadmap, both within our own organisation and with our partners. We do this by fostering an innovative culture and innovation capacity, leveraging technology, building non-traditional partnerships, and rapidly developing new solutions and ideas to help our clients achieve their goals.

Marketing and Creative Team

Everything we think of, design, and produce for our brand is done under one roof by our incredibly talented creative team, who are all experienced, efficient, and forward-thinking.

Project and Capture Team

We are driven by our desire to deliver unrivalled digital replicas to our clients. We never compromise on quality and everything we do works towards this, whether it's a digital replica created with 360 Photography or Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM). Our team has over 30 years of experience capturing all types on onshore and offshore assets across different industries worldwide. This experience shows in the unrivalled skill and attention to detail in our work.

We are exceedingly proud that major clients rely on our range of visualisation services to achieve their visual digital twin objectives. With efficient project management from commission to delivery, our dedicated team works to ensure the capture, production and delivery of each project to the highest standard.

Meet our Business Development Team

The Business Development and Strategy team is responsible for driving strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for ZynQ 360 and our customers. They build relationships with companies worldwide, ranging from start-ups to large-scale enterprises, to identify areas of collaboration, drive innovation, and unlock shared value.

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Gus McAskill

Meet Gus McAskill, our Europe, UK and Africa Account Manager

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Austa McKendrick

Meet Austa McKendrick, our Global Sales Manager

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