Our Brand

Our Name, Our Brand

When starting the company, our founders wanted to create a unique, dynamic name, a name that reflected our passion for delivering solutions that meet the needs of our clients with openness, innovation, and integrity.

The Element ‘ZynQ’

We were inspired by Zinc's holistic properties as a metal, which is believed to have the meaning and ability to increase courage and turn the impossible into possible. It is an amulet to make a breakthrough powerfully when you are in difficulties, and it is also good for those who are expected to be leaders and drive change.

We see our software 'ZynQ' as exactly that in the visualisation world! A sustainable solution that offers users a new dimension in remotely accessing and managing 'visual data', pushing the digital world's boundaries where everything is possible, making the complex, simple.

What does the '360' represent?

After nearly three decades as an industry pioneer, we have learned a few lessons. Like what it really takes to ultimately bridge the gap between operational teams and the use of technology. We also understand that innovation is key to enhancing the visualisation experience. That is why our highly experienced team is continually exploring future technologies, discovering new ways to add value and empower organisations to achieve more.

Whilst ‘360’ originally represented the immersive nature of the spherical photography we delivered, it has gone on to encompass much more than that through the evolution of the company. Now it represents the diversity and range of visualisation services that we offer, which we are continually expanding and developing to benefit our clients across all sectors.

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